The quantum race is on.

Here to stay

Quantum technologies have emerged from basic research into the realm of real world applications.

Massive potential

Governments, corporations and the wider public are slowly waking up to the enormous potential that the next technological revolution entails.

A universe of possibilities

Practical applications and scenarios for leveraging quantum technology in manufacturing, space, cyber and transportation are being discovered at an unprecedented pace.

What we offer:

Helping you connect the (quantum) dots

Communication / Execution / Application

Hardware solutions

There’s hardly anything classical about quantum hardware: hardware deployment and system integration are challenging. But we at Quantum Numerics are ready and up to the task to deliver quantum systems solutions tailored to your requirements.


Quantum technology requires a whole new generation of software to solve the most complex problems. Quantum Numerics enables purpose-built applications and computing solutions.

Business solutions

Start integrating quantum in your strategy, technology or supply chain. Or explore new product ideas and ventures. We'll help you develop the tools to deliver 
rea-world solutions.

Strong networks enable quantum leaps

Networking & facilitation

Reporting & education

In a world that is rapidly evolving, information is the key to getting ahead. Let Quantum Numerics provide you with the cutting edge insights that’ll allow you to start integrating quantum in your strategy, technology or supply chain.

Talks & conferences

When enthusiatic minds converge, great ideas emerge. Through conferences, workshops and seminars we are bringing together industry leaders, researchers and policymakers to facilitate technological advances. Wether bespoke or public settings, our insights are always valuable and actionable.

Expertise & networks

Our clients benefit from our deep and industry-wide network and relationships among stakeholders and makers. We’re uniquely positioned to bring together the right minds at the right time.

Stakeholder managment

When the rubber meets the road, having the right resources and teams at hand is essential. We’ll bring together the talent and skills to help you build the future.

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